Zebra print business cards: Tacky or awesome?

I got new business cards for the BlogHer conference.  I ordered cards for the first time right before the conference last year, but my phone number has changed so I needed new ones.

I played it safe last time.  They were classy with a retro typewriter theme.

I’m in a different place now than I was even a year ago, so I was excited to redesign my cards.

I’m confident calling myself a freelance writer now.  I have been able to create a patchwork quilt of steady work.  I have areas I write about more than others.

My days of slaving away writing about portable toilets for a penny a word are over.

I wanted all of that reflected in my business card.

Basically, I wanted “me on a card.”

And I got it!


Aqua.  Zebra print.  A pink chandelier.  A photo of me wearing my chunky lime green beads.

I actually made two cards.

And one is double sided, so it’s actually three if you count both sides.

The double-sided card has my general information on one side.  The other side is devoted to my weight loss blog, Shrinking Momster.

At the last minute, I decided to do a card showcasing my Examiner work.  I have nine titles there.  I chose a folded card and listed each title on the inside.  I wrote some other places my work has been featured on the back.

My husband teased me about all of the pink, lime green, aqua and zebra prints, but I think they are pretty awesome.  And I got a ton of compliments at the conference.

How did you go about designing your business cards?

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