Women’s Halloween costumes that aren’t slutty

Do you dress up for Halloween?  I don’t go far int to the women’s Halloween costumes section.

I like to get into the spirit of the holiday by throwing on a witch hat or some cat ears when I take my daughter trick-or-treating, but that’s about it.




However, my girl is 12 now and needs to move into adult costumes.  Finding something that isn’t slutty is a huge chore!

Seriously – just because a woman wants to dress up for Halloween doesn’t mean she wants to be a naughty nurse, naughty clown or naughty monkey.

She might not want to be naughty at all.

My daughter wants to be a police officer. She has plans to dress our dog up as her prisoner.

The cop costumes are all cut very low with extremely short skirts.  Some also have bare midriffs.

She wants to be a “pretty police” so a male costume just isn’t floating her boat.

I think I’m going to have to get a plus size costume just so there’s enough fabric to cover her!  And she’ll still have to wear a tank top and leggings under it!

I’m going to be a witch….again.  Black pants, black shirt, purple witch hat I got from the Target dollar section a few years ago.  Done.

Will you dress up for Halloween? What will you be?

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