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I have been writing since I learned my ABC’s as a preschooler. I finally committed to pursuing a freelance writing career in August of 2011, leaving behind a job with a steady salary, paid time off and health insurance. It was a scary leap with lots of hard work, but I don’t regret following my passion to write.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. My graduate work included focuses in early childhood education, special education and infant and toddler development. I worked in early childhood education for many years. I have been a preschool teacher and childcare center director. I have also acted as a mentor, trainer, resource and advocate to childcare workers, children and families. I am an adjunct instructor in the early childhood education department of the local state college.

My favorite topics to write about are those pertaining to children and families, however, I am a quick research and comfortable writing about most any subject.

Examples of My Work:

Calgary’s Child: Perks of the Staycation  

OV Parent:  Helping Children Deal with Grief 

Tokyo Families:  Tips for Helping Children Avoid Theme Park Meltdowns

San Diego Family:  The Road to Our Daughter: the Older Child Adoption Process

All Things for Mom:  Teaching Children About Stranger Danger

WriterAccess:  Content Writers Are Real Writers, Too

Yahoo! Voices:  What is a Bilibo (product review)

Yahoo! Voices:  Five Simple Tips for Maintaining Happy Employees

Yahoo!  Voices:  Tips for Dealing with Preschool Aggression

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