I love October

October is finally here!

It’s my favorite month of the year.

It means a slight reprieve from the boiling Florida heat.

It gets darker earlier and there is a tiny bit of crispness in the air.

I love seeing pumpkins everywhere.

Oh, and I love eating pumpkin goodness, too!  Muffins, coffee, cakes, cookies Рeven chili!

Everyone is calm before the craziness of the holiday season kick in.

Kids are so excited about Halloween.

Oh, and October is the month I saw my sweet daughter’s face for the first time while looking at photos of children waiting to be adopted.

That makes the month even sweeter!

My own October Pumpkin!

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3 thoughts on “I love October

  1. Yes, I do like October because of the change in the weather. Congratulations in adopting a child. It is the most wonderful thing a woman can do for a child who needs a home. Good post. ~Melissa

  2. Hi, I’m new at this too, so thought I’d drop by. Your daughter is beautiful. Have a great autumn. I want cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate after reading this post, lol.

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