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The following articles are available for reprint purchase.  Please contact me if you would like to review a title for consideration.  There is no commitment to buy the article if it doesn’t meet your needs.  You may also purchase an article to be published solely on the Web.


Self-Defense Tips for Moms – 633 words

Talking to Your Kids About Stranger Danger (Why “Don’t Talk to Strangers” Isn’t Enough) – 827 words

Perks of the Staycation – 813 words

Craft Project Ideas for Moms Who Aren’t Crafty – 1,026 words

Yes, You Can Have That Toy!  If You Buy It With Your Allowance! (Tips for Starting an Allowance) – 1,304 words

Don’t Take Candy from Strangers:  Missed Lessons from Foster Care – 467 words

Joys and Challenges of Adopting a Tween – 972 words

Tips for Helping Your Child Avoid Meltdowns at Theme Parks – 788 words

Tips for Mompreneurs on Creating Happy Employees – 608 words

Dental Visits Without Tears – For Children or Parents!  (Reducing the Fear of Dentists) – 492 words

Considerations to Make Before Deciding to Adopt from Foster Care – 458 words

How to Help Children Grieve – 905 words

Tips for Planning Cheap Birthday Parties – 266 words

Calling All Daddies!  (The Importance of Father Involvement) – 366 words

Helping an Adopted Child Overcome Food Issues – 934 words

Potty Training Tips, Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions – 434 words

The Importance of the Family Dinner Table – 234 words

How to Reduce Your Child’s Chance of Developing Type 2 Diabetes – 439 words

Making the Big Leap to Freelance Writing from Traditional Employment – 1,526 words

What I Want You to Know About Older Child Adoption – 981 words

The Road to Our Daughter:  A True Story of the Older Child Adoption Process – 2,573 words

Grief, Mourning and a Crazy Encounter with a Daisy Pin (miscarriage and adoption related – 1,014 words

Tips for Budgeting Both Your Calories and Your Money – 542 words

The Truth About Gluten – 1,080 words

The Joys of Parenting a Tween – 480 words

Our Family’s Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming!  325 words

Tips for Dealing with Preschool Aggression – 506 words

Building Book Loves – Infant & Toddler Literacy – 311 words

14 Simple Ways to Show Childcare Providers Your Appreciation – 584 words

Taking Care of Me:  Worksheet for Moms – 292 words

Template for Writing Valentine’s Poetry with Your Child- 118 words

10 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget – 290 words

9 Questions to Ask Children to Help them Become Better Readers -  293 words

Making S’mores Without a Campfire – 366 words

Tips for Surviving a Bad Haircut- 317 words

5 Orlando Vacation Ideas – 385 words 

5 Things to Know About Parents of Children with Special Needs – 531 words 

8 Interesting Observations About Adopting a Stray Kitten – 770 words

10 Items to Pack in Your Child’s Day Camp Lunchbox – 527 words

9 Lessons Gymnastics Teaches Children – 363 words

5 Cheap & Easy Ideas for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party – 480 words  

A Letter to My Daughter’s First Mother – 933 words

Why We Repeated Our Daughter’s First Nine Birthdays – 471 words  

7 Red, White & Blue Treats to Serve at Your 4th of July Bash – 337 words 

My Story of Becoming an Instant Mom to a 9-year-old (Tips for adding a child to the home) – 1,061 words

Don’t Leave Me!  10 Ways to Make Drop Off Easier – 749 words  

Helping Your Child Feel Safe After a Home Security Threat- 780 words 

Is Content Writing “Real” Writing? – 311 words

50 Simple Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her: Quick Ways to Strengthen the Mother Daughter Connection – 491 words  

5 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Shots & Needles – 543 words

Tips for Easing the New School Jitters – 840 words  

Manners Still Matter! 7 Tips for Raising Polite Children – 726 words

How to Stay Friends with Someone Who Has a Different Opinion of Spanking – 496 words

5 Ways to Personalize a School Uniform, 339 words

Tips for Transitioning an Anxious Child to Middle School, 482 words

Tips for Easing New School Jitters, 849 words

“Don’t Take Candy from Strangers  and Other Life Lessons Foster Children Miss, 520 words

Why I Let My Tween Watch Trashy TV, 408 words

Dental Visits without Tears, 508 words

Summer Clearance Savings Tips (523 words)

Top Orlando Family Destinations from a Florida Native, 385 words

10 Items to Pack in Your Child’s Day Camp Lunchbox, 527 words

Easy Kid-Friendly Activities for Moms who Aren’t Crafty, 986 words

Making S’Mores without a Campfire, 366 words

50 Quick and Easy Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her, 492 words

50 Quick and Easy Ways to Show Your Son You Love Him, 545 words

A Mom’s Guide to Being a Great Soccer Coach, 320 words

 7 Red, White & Blue Treats to Serve at Your 4th of July Bash, 408 words

How Our Family Saves Money, 421 words

Gifts Teachers Actually Want to Receive – and a Few They Don’t! 603 words

5 Unique Summer Wedding Ideas to Get Your Marriage Started Off with Fun, 489 words

Visiting Florida:  Beyond the Beach and Mickey Mouse, 355 words

Throw a Mardi Gras Party to Beat the Winter Blues!, 722 words

After School Activities – Is Your Child Involved

in Too Much?, 721 words

How to Help Children Deal with Death, 705 words

7 Tips for Choosing the Right OB-GYN, 769 words

Stock up on Valentine’s Day Clearance and Spread Love All Year, 622 words

Get Stocking! How a Full Pantry Saves Time and Money, 644 words

Introducing Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes to a New Generation

, 471 words

What to Look for in a Preschool Teacher, 407 words

Tired of Cleaning?  Get Kids Involved! 413 words

Why Eating Seasonal Winter Produce Is Best for Your Budget, 537 words

Is Your Tween or Teen Mature Enough for Violent Video Games? 654 words

The Secret to Getting and Staying Organized, 843 words

Helping Toddlers Embrace Their Inner Artists, 360 words

Is Your Child Annoying? 346 words

10 Ways to Save Money on Food at Walt Disney World, 340 words

Instant Motherhood: My Older Child Adoption Experience, 965 words

Lesson Plans for Preschool? Yes, Please! 342 words

5 Best Doll Types for All Ages, 457 words

Go Beyond Light Blue for a Fun Baby Boy Shower, 360 words

Make Your Own Hostess Sno Balls, 320 words

5 Ways to Keep Your Child Quiet When You’re Sick, 451 words


Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Meals Even Toddlers Will Love, 438 words

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